Monday, September 13, 2010

Boeree Bubbles EPO Final

A total of 193 players entered the £3500+£250 EPO main event over two starting days, including names like James Akenhead, Jennifer Tilly, Phil Laak, Neil Channing, and Annette Obrestad.

EPT San Remo champ Liv Boeree made 12th for £9,500, practically bubbling the final nine late on Day 2 Monday.

Mathew Frankland, whose under $10k in career tournament earnings includes a World Series of Poker cash this summer, will have the chip lead coming into the chase for a £220,650 first-place prize.

German Fabian Quoss, who made runner-up in a $5k at the 2009 WSOP is close, along with the lesser known Sebastian Crul.

The rest of the final nine is headlined by PartyPoker pro Felipe Ramos, who counts a WSOP final table as one of his biggest poker accomplishments.

All nine players are guaranteed at least £13,600 when the final goes off at 3 p.m. London time Tuesday.

Here’s how they stack up coming in with blinds at 5,000/10,000 and an ante of 1,000:

Mathew Frankland 668,000

Sebastian Crul 583,500

Fabian Quoss 559,000

Andrew Brennan 336,000

Mark Norman 224,500

Felipe Ramos 196,500

Stephen Chimelski 191,000

Brent Lehring 94,500

Salman Behbehani 72,000


How to Maintain a Direction of Attention

Employees of a surveillance room must be alert and attentive at all times with their focus facing outward. When focus is diverted to the surveillance room and the employees inside, trouble ensues. Political games and other foolishness may occur with the casino floor being neglected.

Where to Keep the Focus

Employees of the surveillance room should always be watching games, cages, slots, count rooms, pits, change booths as well as monitoring all activities of security. The only reason an operator should be focused on the surveillance room is to monitor equipment to ensure it is working correctly. This includes ensuring that logging and reporting are completely correctly.

This is a shared responsibility between operators and the Director of Surveillance. In addition to camera coverage, the director is primarily focused on scheduling, equipment repairs and the addition of any equipment.

Higher Management

Despite these responsibilities, supervisors and directors must maintain an outward focus as well. They must act as a connection between the security, cage, slot and pit departments. Also, they must keep in constant communication with casino management to ensure a smooth transfer of information.

Common Inward Focuses

Within a surveillance room there are many distractions and inward focuses that can occur. Some of these include, others in the surveillance room, rivalries between individuals and departments, internal concerns and others on different shifts. Meanwhile surveillance of the casino floor and coverage areas is neglected.

Errors that may occur during this transfer of focus include, a lack of tap rewinding and missing tape entries into the log. Major errors include, cameras being left off of a specific game and incorrect information being communicated to co-workers and superiors.

Handling These Issues

The best response to these errors is to fix them and move on, not waste time tracking who made the blunder. Many managers opt to send out a general notice or memo to the staff regarding the issue at hand. A heavy internal investigation is usually not needed. A memo can be just as effective while continuing to keep the department focused on the gaming floor.

Like any work area, there are distractions. However, in the casino industry, these distractions and mistakes could cause major liabilities and cost significantly more than just lost productivity. Therefore, keeping your attention in the correct places not only helps you with an excellent review, but also significantly helps the casino.

Fun Site: The World of Playing Cards

Because of my love of poker, I have amassed quite the collection of playing cards -- I get them a lot as gifts and freebies, and also like to buy packs of cards as souvenirs when I travel. So of course I love this site: the world of playing cards. It'll tell you more about playing cards than you've ever even wanted to know, from what the first cards looked like to how to make your own deck. Check it out!


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